I am still alive…

Hello again. Long time no blog. Hate to say it but I kind of forgot that tumblr existed…

I’m at work so I will have to make this update short.  Christmas has come and gone and I got my Kinect.  I love it.  Dance central is so much fun, and I also got Your shape: Fitness evolved and it is quite enjoyable.  I’m trying to make a routine of working out in the mornings with it, I find that 5 routines works out to be about 30-45 minutes and gets the heart rate going, but my will power is lacking when it comes to getting out of bed early on a cold morning.  

I feel like I am bias against the kinect because I love it so much (I named mine Hal, we’ve bonded) but I have to admit there are some criticisms.  You need a lot of space to play comfortably, and I have not yet found someone with a kinect that has this kind of space.  I am going to eventually get a wall mount which I’m hoping will help with the space issue (and the next issue which I will get to in a moment), but I still need to move the couch to play and when dancing my little heart out I frequently kick the radiator behind me, resulting in my cat having a heart attack and lurking around the radiator all puffed up for 10 minutes.  The second issue I have is that sometimes it doesn’t detect things as well as I’d like them too, in particular when I raise my arms.  The good part to this is that once recalibrated, it works fine, but it’s really annoying to have to recalibrate it.  But besides these minor issues I am venting about, I am still in love with my hal, please don’t tell him I was complaining about him he gets really hurt feelings, and then he tries to turn off the oxygen in the home…

Speaking of the Kinect though I was lucky enough to be invited to demonstrate the kinect for Tyler Glennon’s new show the Level Grind on Shaw TV.   In case you forgot (and shame on you if you did) but Tyler is the gentleman teamed up with Kari for TwoHitCombo.  This show is awesome, by the way, and if you want to see my tv debut please venture here, and promise not to judge my outfit…it was a spur of the moment thing and it was a sloppy day.

I wish I could say that I’ve been playing more games, but I’ve been very lazy.  I did beat Fable 3 and really did enjoy it.  It was quite laggy and many a time did a glitch mess up my 10 game streak of Lute Hero…but I thought the game was lots of fun, witty and overall a good play.  The ending, as usual, was a little lackluster but not as frustrating as Fable 2 and as Fable 3 has demonstrated, it’s not going to effect the next Fable…so I feel better about that.

Other then that, I have been sucked back into the World of Warcraft.  Joe and I are power leveling as many characters as we can while we have the triple XP.  I must say, Cataclysm is an amazing expansion.  Both new races are different and exciting, the quests are fun, and the changes to the world refresh even the older areas…well played, blizzard, well played.  I have just finished getting a worgen warrior to 60 and am now working on a paladin.

In personal news, I am engaged!  Joe was a super sweetheart and asked me to marry him, so now we will live happily ever after and raise lots of babies to be the best gamers of all time! muahahahaha!

I’m just kidding, but srsly exciting news. I’m very happy :):)

Just try and rip this controller from my little hands…

I feel all high and mighty again cause I actually finished a game, even though it took me longer then the average gamer.  The game was Costume Quest, and omg it was too cute, I highly recommend. SO exciting news about costume quest, I tweeted Kari (from Two Hit Combo Kari and Tyler) asking how to save, and Tasha Harris, as in THE Tasha Harris who created/produced/managed/created Costume Quest answered us! I’m not going to pretend I knew who she was until Kari notified me, but it’s still awesome! That brings me to my only complaint…the save option; there isn’t one. It auto saves when you finish a quest and/or go to a new area, NOT level though so I had a few times where I lost a level because I didn’t have it save after. Other then that, it was awesome and I hope they make one every halloween.

by the way the unicorn was the awesomest.

So with my new found interest in actually finishing games, I’ve picked up (or Joe picked up for me because he’s awesome) Fable 3 and will be working through that as the weeks progress. I’m still playing WoW, or at least intending to continue but it’s taking a backseat again. I lost interest faster then usual. Maybe if I hadn’t lost my 60, things wouldn’t have been so boring.

As for games I was looking forward to, I haven’t bought one. I have watched/tried most of them though and I have to say everything seems pretty legit.  Except for Force Unleashed 2.  Joe got it for his birthday, and finished it on his birthday. Graphics were pretty amazing in gameplay and out, but it went nowhere. this was literally our conversation that afternoon:

ME: Joe, it’s halloween can we watch a movie?

Joe: It’s my birthday let me at least get a few levels done. I’m only on the first.

1 hour goes by.

Me: can we watch a movie now?

Joe: Sure, I’m just finishing the 3rd area give me a sec.

1 hour goes by.

Me: almost done?

Joe: Yup, I should be. god this level is long.

1/2 hour goes by…

Joe: okay I’m at Darth Vader, why is this fight so hard?

ME: Looks like a final boss fight.

Joe:no, it can’t be. can it?

Me: Sure looks like it.

Joe:no way.

10 minutes later…..

Joe: I just killed him, omg is this the end of the game? if this is the end of the game I’m going to flip my shit.

credits roll.


And Joe flipped his shit.

Other then that, I played a little DJ Hero 2 and from what I could decipher from my drunken stupor it was good, much improved and smoother from DJ Hero. I’m going to give it a sober shot though.  Rock Band 3 is just another Rock Band, but I haven’t tried the keyboard yet because I don’t think there are any in Winnipeg yet. All of Winnipeg, no keyboards. However, new rock band games are always exciting, and rock band 3 is not short of an awesome set list. Belting out Bohemian Rapsody is right up my alley.

Finally, we have the Kinect. which I’m stupid, and asked for for Christmas. as if I voluntarily waited an extra month. SO far I’ve got a chance to try the Adventures, which I wasn’t excited about and thought was going to be lame but it’s actually quite fun, and Kinect Sports, which I also wasn’t excited about because of the association with Wii Sports but really, it’s very different.  I played volley ball, like a real person plays volleyball. it was great. It’s super funny though, because it’s like gamers forgot that they have a body. I was playing against this guy at work, and he was only moving 1 arm like with the wii, and we were like,’no like, PLAY volleyball’ and he was like, ‘how?’ and we were like, ‘like you would in real life?’. It’s bizarre but sooo cool. I’ve watched dance central, but haven’t got a chance to play it yet, however it looks so awesome. I was watching Tyler ( as in Kari and Tyler from Two Hit Combo) and he boogies down like nobodies business, I have to admit I am jealous of his moves.

BUT I’m dumb and therefore waiting for christmas.

In other quick tidbits, we are getting black ops on Monday, and I am working on aquiring through completely legal and legitimate means Mario Galaxy 2 and Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and possibly goldeneye.  BTW, is Kirby’s epic yarn good? I heard everyone saying how excited they were to get it, but then nothing after. Whats the deal, yo?

I can see this being a reoccurring problem with the kinect…and it makes me want one more.

I can see this being a reoccurring problem with the kinect…and it makes me want one more.

(via gamefreaksnz)

gamefreaksnz:Dexter (by Rafa Gnomo)
Note: Discovered that the author has a Tumblr account. Check it out.

gamefreaksnz:Dexter (by Rafa Gnomo)

Note: Discovered that the author has a Tumblr account. Check it out.

Here’s the DL!

Here we are again, me blogging after it’s been far too long. I don’t have too much time as I need to jump on WoW right away (we’ll get to this) so I’ll make this update short and sweet.

So recently Joe and I were invited to Two Hit Combo’s awesome podcast and it was tons of fun and full of interesting conversation.  If I haven’t talked about Two Hit Combo before, it’s because I’m a bad person. It’s run by our friends Tyler and Kari and they run a far more efficient, up to date and interesting gaming blog than I. awkward sentence? yes. Anyways, you can check them out at the attached link, which includes our uberhilarious podcast.

So most of my xbox gaming has been Halo Reach. I’m having a lot of fun with it, and I haven’t even started the campaign.  I’m kind of pwning, as long as I’m not playing with anyone ranked higher than me…which means that when I play with Joe and our friends I’m the noobiest noob ever, but I swear to god when I played on my own the other day, I won a slayer match. that means that I got 25 kills before everyone else did. Joe says I’m a liar but I swear it’s true.

And last but not least on the update agenda, I started WoW again. Ugh, I know I know it’s a social life drain but I couldn’t resist.  Especially with cataclysm coming out, it’s a really exciting time to be playing right now.  They just put out a patch that totally revamped the leveling/talent system and a lot of the game play itself, for instance, they put a questhelper like, in the map. it’s amazing. And also, in preparation for cataclysm the ground starts to shake every 10 minutes or so, to remind everyone that on Dec 7th a crazy angry dragon is going to burst out of the ground and destroy the world of warcraft as we know it! It’s so lame but I seriously get chills every time it happens, especially after seeing the bad ass theatrical trailer just released. Seriously though, even if you are not a world of warcraft fan, watch the cinematic I linked, because it’s crazy!

Probably the next time I blog, I’ll have a few new games that I can weigh in on, like something for the Kinect, and hopefully Kirby’s Epic Yarn, as it came out today.

it’s that time of year again…

Thats right, the time to get excited, well even more so excited, for the games that are being released this fall and Christmas season.  I just read the DJ Hero full set list and got goosebumps, just to read the full set list for Rock Band 3 and get so excited I was squealing to Joe to come look at all the songs. Of course, Joe gives no fuck about Rock Band 3, so my excitement was bottled up for a later date.  There are songs on the RB that should have been there ages ago, like CrazyTrain and Smoke on the Water, and there are songs I swear we’ve had before, like I wanna be Sedated and Free Bird. BUT the ones that got me really excited? BOHEMIAN RAPSODY!!!The Doors - “Break on Through (To the Other Side)!!Elton John - “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting!! Oh god, I can’t keep posting the ones that made me squeal because I’ll probably repost most of the list. I was also super excited to see Metric on there as well as Tegan and Sara, however both could have had better songs. Both released in October. CANNOT WAIT.

Then there is the Kinect. I will be purchasing this. I will also be purchasing Dance central and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.  I can’t even think about it before getting all antsy and excited.  I realize I’m mentioning girlie games that probably interest no serious gamers out there. I am aware of Halo Reach, Call of Duty Black Ops, Dead Rising 2, etc, and even though I am excited for these as well, Joe will get to play them first. not me. therefore I feel redundant and useless.

As for a quick update on what I’ve been up to…I started playing DeathSpank, which was super hilarious and fun, but then something weird happened with my xbox harddrive and it won’t let me play the full version anymore. Once I fix that though, I will keep playing it because it makes me laugh, especially the civilians who are like, “oooooooooh deathSPANK!” I guess its only really funny if you hear it rather then look at my text rendition….

So because of the halt in that actually me and Joe picked up Borderlands again to get through the DLC, but then we realized that we weren’t a high enough level to go through the zombie one so we are sort of replaying right now until we are a few levels higher. exciting, I know.

Also I have no idea why the text changed so much in this posting but I thought it was somewhat cool so I left it. I also don’t know how to change it…

Nano update: too hot to post an actual blog.

Have no air conditioning. Playing Red Dead Redemption. Going to take forever, have no idea what I am doing. Didn’t save, didn’t know how, Joe fixed that for me. Fell and broke my horses neck, that was sad. Wondering if Mike Moroz enjoyed the hunting portion of the game and if so, does that make him a bad vegan? Thoughts.

Too hot, melting. 

I always did think the needler looked cute…

/via gamefreaksnz:SLAYER by *bootlegsketch

I always did think the needler looked cute…

/via gamefreaksnz:SLAYER by *bootlegsketch

 Check out the full set, princess peach looks badass.
via gamefreaksnz:Mario zombie (by mrksaari)

 Check out the full set, princess peach looks badass.

via gamefreaksnz:Mario zombie (by mrksaari)

The Duck Hunt dog IRL
via theninjarope

The Duck Hunt dog IRL

via theninjarope

So, I’m the worst gamer girl ever.

I’m sorry for sucking so bad. It’s all assassins creed’s fault. I got bored, then I joined rugby and started doing stuff outside in the summer weather, all because of assassins creed.

Thats totally not true. I stopped playing Assassins because I started playing Little Big Planet which I LOVE but hardly get through because I’m always trying to get everything. then I just got suckered into rugby and am probably going to get murdered or at the very least broken very badly.  Anyways, I don’t think I’m actually going to keep playing Assassins Creed though, it’s really just not my thing. I want to like it, but I just…don’t. I did give it a solid effort, and think it looks fun and beautiful and all that stuff that makes it an awesome game, but when it actually comes down to playing it I just don’t have the patience for it.  So when I’m in a body cast due to rugby, I think I will just move onto Dead Space, because I really wanted to try that one too and it looks like my kind of thing. 

Something else that I found was interesting today was that Activision released it’s list of artists for DJ Hero 2, and it’s LONG.

they are as follows( in bold are the ones I’m excited about):


 •    50 Cent

•    Adamski
•    Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force
•    Armand Van Helden
•    A-Trak
•    B.o.B.
•    Basement Jaxx
•    BlakRoc
•    Bobby Womack
•    Bruno Mars
•    Busta Rhymes
•    Calvin Harris
•    Chamillionaire
•    Chic
•    Chris Willis
•    Clinton Sparks
•    Colby O’Donis
•    Daft Punk
•    Damian Marley
•    David Guetta
•    Deadmau5
•    Deee-Lite
•    Dillinja
•    Diplo
•    Dizzee Rascal
•    DJ Shadow
•    Donna Summer
•    Dr. Dre
•    Drake
•    Edwin Starr
•    Eminem
•    Estelle
•    Flo Rida
•    Gorillaz
•    Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
•    Harold Faltermeyer
•    House Of Pain
•    Iyaz
•    Jackson 5
•    Janet Jackson
•    Justice
•    Kanye West
•    Kaskade
•    Kelis
•    Keri Hilson
•    Kid Cudi
•    Kool & The Gang
•    Lady Gaga
•    Lil Jon
•    Lil Wayne
•    LL Cool J
•    M.I.A.
•    M|A|R|R|S
•    Major Lazer
•    Malcolm McLaren
•    Mase
•    Melle Mel & Duke Bootee
•    Metallica
•    Missy Elliott
•    Mos Def
•    N.O.R.E.
•    Nas
•    Nate Dogg
•    Naughty By Nature
•    Nelly
•    New Boyz
•    New Order
•    Newcleus
•    Nightcrawlers
•    Orbital
•    Pharoahe Monch
•    Pirate Soundsystem
•    Pitbull
•    Puff Daddy
•    Pussycat Dolls
•    Rihanna
•    Robin S.
•    RZA
•    Salt N Pepa (because it can only be one song…)
•    Sam Cooke
•    Sam Sparro
•    Sean Paul
•    Skibadee
•    Sneaky Sound System
•    Snoop Dogg
•    Snow
•    Soulja Boy Tell Em
•    Sparfunk & D-Code
•    Static Major
•    Stevie Wonder
•    Talib Kweli
•    The Chemical Brothers
•    The Crystal Method
•    The Egg
•    The Notorious B.I.G.
•    The Prodigy
•    Tiësto
•    Tiga
•    Tweet
•    Walter Murphy
•    Warren G
•    Wayne Smith
•    Will.I.Am
•    Yeah Yeah Yeahs
•    Young Jeezy

No mash ups announced yet…but I’m intrigued. ESPECIALLY with the introduction of singing into the game. I just need to practice my DJ skills until then.

Before I go, I have a question for anyone who actually reads this. My friend Chelsea wants me to start playing WoW again. It’s worse then cigarettes I swear to god. Anyways, should I give in and play some CASUAL WoW or avoid it like the plague? Send me some messages. Because really, I’m lonely and I need purpose.

I just thought this looked cool.
/via gamefreaksnz:PAC-BONESPac-Man turned 28 years old this year. By our estimation, that’s 980 in video game years.

I just thought this looked cool.

/via gamefreaksnz:PAC-BONESPac-Man turned 28 years old this year. By our estimation, that’s 980 in video game years.

Deadpool and Harley Quinn
gamefreaksnz:curiousintent:Deadpool and Harley Quinn.

Deadpool and Harley Quinn

gamefreaksnz:curiousintent:Deadpool and Harley Quinn.

Lol! donkey shlong.
theninjarope:Gameboy Condoms. For real.

Lol! donkey shlong.

theninjarope:Gameboy Condoms. For real.

lol I love the maracas hanging like grenades. 
/via gamefreaksnz:becauseimjay:hellaleah:tasialabastro:Donde esta bibliotechies?!Me llano T-Bone, la arana discoteca LOL

lol I love the maracas hanging like grenades. 

/via gamefreaksnz:becauseimjay:hellaleah:tasialabastro:Donde esta bibliotechies?!Me llano T-Bone, la arana discoteca LOL